Feature script “Deep”

Feature film script “Deep” is in third draft form.
The story is currently set in Edinburgh because of the strong dialogue of a Scottish main character and the tourism facade of the city suits the subject matter.

The story explores three main topics:

base needs
The script is designed to be a star vehicle and has a twist that an philosophical actor might appreciate.

Price: by negotiation

Get in touch with hello@uranusxiv.com for details

Short film script “Petula and Violet”

Approximately 10 minutes in length, this short film script in 3rd draft form, explores the havoc young pretty ladies can cause.

Cast: maximum 2 lead, some peripherals, with non-speaking background extras

Locations: home, bars, shops, party house

For sale as is (all rights): £250

For sale with development: £150 initial fee, plus £50 for each redraft in consultation with new producer/director

Get in touch with hello@uranusxiv.com for details