Blether: Spoilsport bastards #gameofthrones

Originally posted 6 June 2013 – migrated from previous blog

Just watched the epic penultimate episode of season 3 of the most EPICALLY EPIC Game of Thrones last night.

I had to.

I might’ve been wanting to save it for another night.

But no.

That wasn’t a ruddy option was it? Not if I wanted to say…GET ONNA BUS! Because the utter smegheads at the METRO decided to run, on page 3, so that’s the first opened page, a massive picture spoiler which would’ve ruined the viewing in a split second. Reactions of viewing audience around the globe have basically been this gif:

Courtesy of:

Proof positive is here as someone thoughtfully collated actual reactions on YouTube of wonderful readers of the book as they filmed their loved ones who hadn’t read the books watch the episode in horror, and then upload it to the net [WARNING: Do not watch if you haven’t seen the episode and are saving it!]:

Now, METRO’s decision was based on the fact that, em, its not a spoiler because, em, the books have been published? And its not a spoiler because it was aired two nights previous on the telly?

Um yeah, but guess what!

A = Only part of the world subscribes to Sky Atlantic you wankers. It wasn’t aired on like say, BBC1 for instance in the UK.

B = Metro is a ruddy free bus newspaper which is why it has such a massive readership. They don’t get your paper because they deliberately want to obtain it for its epic journalism. They look at it because they’ve got a boring bus trip somewhere and don’t want to be bothered by conversation with the nob sitting next to them.

C = It is the WORST case of a spoiler by plastering a MASSIVE PICTURE SHOWING EXACTLY WHAT HAPPENED upon the first opened pages of your rag! No warning. No nuffing.

What was the story exactly eh? Your angle was millions of fans horrified by episode. You could’ve ran that without the MASSIVE PICTURE SHOWING EXACTLY WHAT HAPPENED.