Film (short): “WYLD” wins BAFTA New Talent award for Best Acting Performance


This screen project I was Casting Director for has taken home the BAFTA Scotland New Talent award for Best Acting Performance, congratulations Julie!

Premise: “Julie, a young barmaid, must decide between responsibility and friendship when an old friend reappears.”


Project: Short film, 15 min

Produced by Creative Scotland, Hopscotch Film, Digicult

Written and Directed by Rory Alexander Stewart

Belinda Love credits: Casting Director

WYLD Trailer from Rory Alexander Stewart on Vimeo.

Film (short): “Air/Fix”


Written and directed by Gerard Lohan, 2013 sees the long awaited completion of Aif/Fix. A short film about old heroes being forgotten.

To find out more about this jolly good little short, visit the website:


Project: Short film, 10 min

Co-produced by daemon productions, and Twenty/Twenty Productions

Written and Directed by Gerard Lohan

Belinda Love credits: Co-producer, First AD, Wardrobe department (flight scenes unit)


TV ad: “Secret Millionnaire”


Secret Millionaire

Secret Millionaire was a short pre-Christmas advert for well-known Scottish brand Millions sweeties.

Project: Advert, 20 seconds

Produced by Evonne O’Rourke, STV Creative 2010

Belinda Love credits: Writer

Animation: Malcolm Morrison

Online ad: “STV Appeal”


STV Appeal 2011

STV Appeal 2011 was an advert for the launch of STV and The Hunter Foundation’s new initiative to help children and young people in Scotland affected by poverty. It’s been going for two years now and has raised over £3.3 million.

Find out more here:

Project: Advert, 60 seconds

Produced by Paul Ryan, STV Creative 2011

Belinda Love credits: Casting Direction

Film (short): “No Pressure” (Part 2)


No Pressure (Part 2)

Part 2 of the “No Pressure” pair of shorts (pun intended? — yeah again…why not), also explores the male side of modern day role expectations. Do men feel emasculated by the society-given equality of women? What about their biological urges to hunt and gather and provide and protect? Are these just not wanted anymore? Intended to be a match for part 1, this second film ended up merging the male and female musings into a theme of duality, opposites, yin and yang. We also garnered a terrific bit of animation and a narration by the wonderful Dr Richard Holloway.


Project: Short film, 10 minutes

Produced by Lili Sandelin

Directed by Niina Topp

Belinda Love credits: Writer