The amazing iPhone camera

Oh no! It’s a gorgeous day and I’ve left Conan the Canon at home!

Fear not weary traveller (if you’re an iPhone owner) – you have an incredible camera right in you pocket, handbag or manbag.

Example 1 (focus and light): This is a window in a gallery ceiling. By just focussing on either the window itself or the ceiling you can get a completely different lighting effect:

Oh no! I left my photoshop at home and I need to share this picture quickly where I look hideous in this crappy grey Scottish light!

Fear not weary socialiser – there are some great apps for making your social sharing of your activities a snap by making you look less grey and lit up just lovely.

Example 2 (apps galore): Check out the variety of lighting effects you can get with apps such as Pixlromatic or Facetune:

Oh no! Goddammit! There’s like a perfect rainbow and I can’t fit it in frame!

Fear not weary scenary-admirer – The panorama function is a useful tool for getting in wider shots as well as mega-long panoramic shots:

Example 3 (panorama and crop): Taking a panorama doesn’t mean you have to keepĂ‚ all of the image width if you don’t want it. Just use iPhone’s own cropping to get what you want, and crop out any hand wobbles too: