Upcycle in the garden

Messy garden. Had a baby. Garden stayed messy all winter. Now it’s nearly summer. Something had to be done. First steps:

Load of old rotting wood:

Bought gorgeous Cuprinol garden wood paint in following shades:

There’s a section of my garden next to the driveway that is trying to be a flower bed, but the shape is all over the place, the edges undefined, and basically it needed a lift. On the other side of my driveway I have a rebellious ivy plant that is trying to kill three small trees, every year I try to cut back last year’s dead strings and every year I’m left with a big pile of dead ivy strings to either try to put in the brown bin, or burn on the bonfire. I had tried to build a woven border around this flower bed with the dead ivy strings and it worked really well apart from the blasted evil ivy came back to life and started growing all round it, so it had to go. Instead I decided to paint the old rotting blocks of wood roughly (shabby chic LOL) in the colours above:

… and bed the blocks of wood around the flower bed – it looks lovely now! >>>



Upcycled cabin bed me hearties

I was looking for a genius solution for a bed for a weird-shaped small room. Not quite big enough for a double and needing to make the most of space and storage. I looked at high sleepers and loft beds, daybeds and sofabeds. Ended up trawling Gumtree, Shpock, and Facebook marketplace until I found an old cabin bed for sale. Pre-loved, twice I think. Perhaps once by a boy and once by a girl as it’s original feature panels were turquoise, but it had been partially painted over in very light pink. 

It was an old Stompa cabin bed which can upwards of £400 – and it everything I was looking for:

  • Solid wood
  • Not too high
  • Comfortable steps
  • Set of drawers
  • Two bookcases
  • Pull out desk with shelves
  • Hanging handy bookshelf

So I thought about a few options to give it a new life. Feature wallpaper over old paint job. Varnish old comics. Galvanished or metallic paint over. In the end I opted for chalkboard paint and I found a magnetic one to boot. It’s fairly robust a paint and easily refreshed. Really pleased with the results:

Halloween 2016

Was a bit busy this year with a wee jaunt to hospital just before Halloween:

So only two out of three pumpkins got carved this year:

Cor – By Belinda Love

Ode to Jurassic Park – By Aeron Love