PLACEMENT: Alba Trees, week 8

Today I was kindly welcomed to the seedling tunnel where the supervisor there, Carol, heartily welcomed me and quickly but comprehensively showed me to a work station, where everything was I would need, any safety notes, and how to transplant the seedlings properly.


  • Transplanting Scots pine from small cells to larger cell packs for growing on.
  • Being mindful of safety issues with the crates moving alongside on a roller conveyor.
  • Being mindful to walk in certain paths to avoid going near forklift areas, and the scary big compost machine.
  • Keeping work station regularly cleaned and big clean at end of the day.

Photo 18-04-2019, 09 33 48

It looks messy here, but this was my first batch and I was getting the trees in much straighter by mid morning. They will fill out great in their new space!

Photo 18-04-2019, 09 33 50

Each plant is carefully considered in value but there are some who cannot be saved. If there are signs of death, disease, disorder, very bad growth, or if an enormous weed has monopolised its cell and will never unravel from it – then sadly it has to go into discard.

Photo 18-04-2019, 15 35 27

Looks like a baby’s top ‘n tail bowl is used for compost topping up. Well it is a nursery afterall!