PLACEMENT: Alba Trees, week 7

After my embarrassingly long sick stint (well they’ll never hire me now!) (bearing in mind it’s only one day a week and I worked all other days at home where I could be wretched in private – so it’s not that bad), oh and my marriage unexpectedly and quite suddenly collapsing around my ears, I returned! And how wonderful it was to be there on a beautiful sunny day and see the site budding and bursting into colour!


  • Picking tree orders
  • Picking two varieties of eucalyptus (mmmmm!!!)
  • Identifying wild flowers for an order (very difficult!)

Out picking with Ann and Ivan. Good banter :-)

The sun beams over Alba Trees.

Eucalyptus 1!

Eucalyptus 2! Quite different in form. Both amazingly fragrant.

Some lovely fir.

Seriously, spot the wildflowers in these cells.

Just got to smile at Primulas haven’t you? Even divorce seems cheerier somehow :-)

At the end of the day, a tidy work station.