PLACEMENT: Alba Trees, week 3

Well indeed, in Scotland you can be sure of a bit of everything. This week was lovely big puddles from all the recent rain, with glorious Spring sunshine. The ordering system was down first thing so we kept busy and prepared for orders coming in by doing a bit of a deep tidy.


  • Re-organise excess stock
  • Deep clean under tables and racks
  • Unpack and assess surplus returns
  • Picking for orders
  • Weeding stock

All of the staff at Alba Trees are hard working, friendly and kind. They have about 30 employed staff, and about 75 contracted staff, many of which have worked there for many years. There is excellent staff retention which is a real sign of a great company to work for.

My colleagues Anne and Ivan have eagle eyes quickly identifying the young trees, spotting quality and good plant health. They are kind enough to share with me lots of knowledge, tips, anecdotes and stories on their work at Alba Trees.

Rows of seedlings.

Picking prickly Holly! Thank goodness for gloves!