PLACEMENT: Alba Trees, week 2

Lucky with dry, bright weather in my first, this week = also lucky, with lashings and lashings of beautiful Scottish rain.


  • Baby tree hunting for orders
  • Weeding and wrapping trees
  • Picking and preparing orders for despatch

The e-sales team out in the braw Scottish cold and rain with our trolley locating some of the trees we need to fulfil our orders for today.

When picking the trees the e-sales team look for healthy plants, with good girth of stem, and as uniform a shape as possible.

The young trees are carefully checked for health and quality, and then wrapped in bundles of 6, 15, or 30 depending on type and size.

Some Willow bundled up and ready to go. The product codes are made up of the first two letters of the plant’s genus and first two letters of species. Here we have Salix cinerea (Grey Willow) and Salix aurita (Eared Willow).

Following are images of some of the other lovely tree and plant species being prepared for despatch:

Some Ilex aquifolium (Holly).

Picea omorika (Serbian Spruce).

Prunus myrobalana (Cherry Plum).

Some lovely moss that needs weeding out during preparation.

My discard bucket (recently emptied).