UPCYCLE: Toy house renovation

So my wee boy was quite taken with a little wooden toy house at the Museum of Childhood in Edinburgh a little while ago. With his 3rd birthday coming up I wanted to get him one to play with, but I was disappointed with the gender focus on female when I did some online shopping research. For instance you’ll notice I have chosen ‘toy house’ rather than ‘doll’s house’. Have I gone PC mad? Whatever. I would just rather not have toys smothered with a gender-aligned colour. See my article here on the pinkification of toys I wrote for Girl Geek Scotland some time ago.

So being that I also have a penchant for upcycling, I happened upon a wee wooden toy house in Dunbar Zero Waste Hub (which is a place that rescues items from landfill). Here it is in all its pinkified glory:

Also, I noted that the front of the house with the door is actually screwed into the back, and the back pulls down from a magnetic strip into a “garden”. Which I didn’t like. But I figured out I could probably switch this around with some hinges.

So still trying to keep it a secret, we went to B&Q and I got the wee man to pick two colours of paint – he chose great! A deep red, and lovely yellow. Oh and a can of spray blackboard paint for the roof. And B&Q had a 3 for 2 on all paint. Perfect.

So on a weekend he was at his daddy’s I got to work taking it to bits and painting layer upon layer upon layer. It was looking braw!

The hingey bits were a bit trickier than I anticipated, also finding wee wood screws that were shallow enough to not poke through the wood was a challenge, and all I can say is thank the gods for Sugru.

The finished article looks great. Looking forward to seeing him play with it!